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You Don’t Have to Play in the US Open to Suffer From Tennis Elbow

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Tennis seems so easy to play.  I mean, how hard can it be to hit a fuzzy ball over the net? I am awesome at Wii Tennis so real life would be the same right?  Boy, was I wrong!  I am the queen of the looping air ball that soars out of the back of the court, and then takes 2 minutes to get there because the ball is moving so slow. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Serena and the other pros that can hit the ball with pin point accuracy at over a 100 km an hour!

What is Tennis Elbow?

While the average joe does not hit the ball that hard, there is still a significant force being put through your wrist, elbows and shoulders, as well as stabilizing support muscles like hamstrings and groins that must cope with quick side to side, forward, and backward movements.  A very common injury for Tennis players is Tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow is associated with a pain at the outside of your elbow alongside where your joint is.  If you are a right handed player you will notice it in your right elbow, lefties will feel it in their left elbow.  Something’s you can do to prevent Tennis elbow are:

  • Warm up by gently practicing serves, forehand, and back hand swings.
  • Slowly break in a new racquet. Play half the game with it then switch to your old racquet.
  • Spend time stretching your wrists and elbows before you start.
  • If you feel a painful twinge stop playing.  Once a tendon is weakened with micro-tears you will be more likely to have a significant tear that will keep you off the court for much longer.
  • If you do start to feel soreness in your elbow either immediately or the next day, make sure you ice it, and call your Physiotherapist.  For chronic problems, Radial Shockwave Therapy may be necessary.  Early treatment is the easiest and quickest way to heal!

For more information on Radial Shockwave Therapy at Capilano Rehab Centre visit: or call for your complementary screen to see if Radial Shockwave is for you!


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I am Capilano Rehab Centre’s Community Care Coordinator. I have been with Capilano Rehab for 9 years primarily as a Physio Assistant, but also as a Receptionist. I have a Physical Education Degree from the University of Alberta, which I will eventually use when my two young children are grown up. In the mean time I am enjoying helping people in the Community through my role as Community Care Coordinator and bringing awareness to how a Physiotherapist can help you get back to the activities you love the most!

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