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Love Slo-Pitch, Frisbee or Football but Suffer from Chronic Groin or Hamstring Injuries?

| July 9, 2013 | Reply

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Slo-Pitch, Frisbee and Football!

Whether you are a professional, or just enjoy these sports recreationally, they all have one thing in common…fast movements from a non-motion state.  Simply put you go from standing to sprinting instantly.  This quick movement can lead to groin and hamstring injuries because the muscles are shortened at such a fast rate that they can cause tears. 

Why are Groin and Hamstring Injuries Hard to Heal?

These tears can be painful with specific movements but not with other movements.  The unfortunate thing is, you think your groin or hamstring is better because walking or even jogging doesn’t hurt, then you take that full swing of your bat and go to explode out of the batter’s box and uh oh! Groin and hamstring injuries can become chronic issues because they are only aggravated with specific movements and those specific movements puts stress through the weakest part of the muscle or tendon which is still injured from last week’s game. 

What Can I Do to Help?

Before you start your game, take a light jog around the field, and then do some stretches. If you are noticing that your injury is reoccurring each time you go out, even after preventative stretching it is time for the next level of treatment.  Unfortunately, when you tear a muscle, scar tissue forms over the tear to repair it.  This scar tissue can lead to continued problems because it does not stretch like a muscle should leading to repeated injuries and more scar tissue.  By visiting your favourite Capilano Rehab Physiotherapist, they can address the soft tissue problem associated with scar tissue, and get you back on the field faster and hopefully permanently!

Stretches For Your Groin and Hamstrings

Hip Flexor Stretch Hip Flexor stretch: Face feet forward in a lunge position (keep knee over your toe, not in front). Bend back leg until knee is on ground and slowly push your pelvis downward while slightly arching back until you feel a stretch on the front of your hip.
Quad Stretch
Quad Stretch-back view
Quadriceps stretch: lying on your side, pull  your heel towards your buttocks until a comfortable stretch is felt in front of thigh.   
Hamstring Stretch Hamstring stretch: support the back of the thigh behind the knee.  Start with your knee bent and try to straighten your knee until a comfortable stretch is felt in the back of your thigh.
Groin Stretch Inner thigh/Groin stretch: Place your heels together and pull your feet towards your groin until a stretch is felt in the groin and inner thigh.  To increase the stretch try to press your knees towards the ground with your elbows.
Hamstring Stretch Hamstring wall stretch: Lying on the floor with the involved leg on the wall and the other leg through a doorway, scoot your buttocks towards the wall until a stretch is felt in the back of the thigh.  As your leg relaxes and the stretch lessens scoot your buttocks closer to the wall again.
Hamstring-foam roller Hamstrings: Position your hamstrings on the foam roller and lean back slightly supporting your weight with your hands. Lift your heels and hips off the floor and roll along your hamstrings from the bottom of your hip bone to the top of the back of your knees.

Traditional Physiotherapy not Working?

If you have been suffering from a chronic hamstring strain, and it is not getting better even with help from your Capilano Rehab Physio ask them about Radial Shock Wave Therapy.  Radial Shock Wave Therapy is a non-surgical method that stimulates the body’s natural self-healing forces.  For more information visit or book a complementary screen to see if you would benefit from Radial Shock Wave Therapy.



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