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Injury Time Out with Capilano Rehab: Fitness Competitions

| August 24, 2016 | Reply

I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Jon Kassian, who currently has his Professional Status as a Muscle Model with the WBFF (World Beauty Fashion and Fitness Organization). I wanted to talk to him about his upcoming competition at the WBFF World Championships in Toronto on August 27th and to learn more about how he got into the sport of competitive fitness.

Jon first came to Capilano when he was as a starting Middle for King’s University Men’s Volleyball Team.  During his ACAC Volleyball career at Kings, Jon also racked up a number of accomplishments with the Canadian National Men’s Deaf Beach Volleyball team, placing 5th at Worlds in Turkey in 2011 and placing 9th at the Deaf Olympics in 2013. Jon still finds passion in coaching and now runs his own personal training business KvFitn3ss. After graduating from University, Jon made a switch from Volleyball to competing in Fitness Competitions.   

When did you start competing in fitness competitions? Jon

During university, I took some nutrition and weight training classes as I wanted to get physically stronger and they really sparked my interest in fitness training. While I was in my 4th year at Kings, I sustained a volleyball knee injury and was sidelined for 5 months.  It was at that time that I realized that my longevity in the sport of volleyball might not last forever and so I tried to figure out how I could continue an active and competitive lifestyle in another sport.  For fun, I entered an International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBF) fitness competition in Calgary.  I really enjoyed applying the nutrition and strength training that I had learned into contest preparation.  It was then that I saw myself continuing in fitness competitions once my collegiate volleyball career was over.  

How do you find time to work full time and train for competitions?

I work as a personal trainer with both hands-on and online clients and so I usually have some flexibility to get my work outs done in between training sessions and consultations.  My business is called KvFitn3ss and I train and work mainly out of Powerhouse Gym in South East Edmonton and at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park. 

Being an athlete yourself, do you focus on training athletes or do you train ordinary moms like me too?

I will train anyone!  I work with people of all ages and abilities. The training and nutrition programs that I create are focused on each client’s individual goals and abilities and changes are made as needed in order to continue to see progress.  If anyone has questions I can be reached at [email protected] or on my Facebook page KvFitn3ss.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

I typically train in 6 to 8 week cycles based on specific goals such as building strength or hypertrophy. Overall my goal is to create a visually aesthetically pleasing look, but I also still want to have functional strength that allows me to go run and participate in recreational activities.  The strength block of my training is generally a 3 day rotation of pushing exercises (chest/shoulders), pulling exercises (back) and leg exercises.  The hypertrophy block is to develop specific body parts to create a more balanced and appealing musculature. Hypertrophy training days are typically broken down into specific muscle groups like chest, back, shoulders etc. I like to mix it up and change the specific exercises I am doing so I do not see a plateau in my training.

What about diet?  How does that play a part in your training and competing?

My diet will change depending on the competition schedule.  In my off season I focus on eating healthy but allow myself occasional treats.  The goal for diet in the off season is to put nutrition in my body that will help maintain and build muscle.  Leading up to competitions, my diet changes. For about 16 weeks I have a very rigid and controlled diet.  My food is measured out and weighed  exactly for protein, carbohydrates and fats.  During the 16 weeks certain foods are eliminated completely.  Milk and cheese are first, and then at 10 weeks bread, dense grains and other starchy foods are cut out.  At 6 weeks, sugars like fruit are eliminated and then in the last few weeks, all added sauces and condiments are removed.  The goal for my nutrition leading up to competition is to cut and reveal the muscle mass that I built in the off season. It is not a process that should be done by someone who is not competing!

What was the process you had to go through to qualify for WBFF  Worlds?

To compete at WBFF Worlds, you need to have your Professional status.  In order to get Pro status, you have to win a qualifying Amateur event, which I did in 2015 and the WBFF has to believe you can well represent their organization on the international level and recognize your Pro Status officially.

 How has Capilano Rehab helped you deal with sprains and strains while training?

Capilano did a great job of rehabbing my volleyball knee injury.   I had a variety of treatments through my 5 months that helped get me healthy again and allowed me to jump and train with weights without pain.  K-Laser, Ultra sound, Graston Technique, muscle stimulation, exercises and stretching all played a role.  If I had not received the right treatments at the right time, I would not be able to train hard with my knee today.

Currently, my physiotherapy program at Capilano is mostly preventative and focused on low back postural correction and hip and pelvic flexibility and muscle balance.  I have what’s called a lordosis, or in slang, a mild sway back.   Lifting heavy weights like squatting with a bar can tax your low back and hips even more with a lordosis. While I have my own foam roller release program, sometimes I need extra help.  That’s when I call Capilano and get some treatment before my low back gets bad and negatively impacts my training.

If you want to catch Jon compete in the Muscle Model Category at the upcoming Worlds in Toronto, the show will be streamed online live at

If you are an avid weightlifter, whether you are lifting to train for a competition, or just for your own personal goals, and you have nagging, chronic pain let us help.  Capilano Rehab Centre is a full service physical therapy clinic providing Physiotherapy, myofascial release, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), Radial Shockwave Therapy, Graston Technique and good old fashioned hands on treatment!  Call us at 780-466-1104 to get back to pain free living!


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