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Concussion Rehabilitation Courses September 20/21, 2014

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logobwwithoutcaption& without white bottom (3)Concussions are becoming increasingly recognized as an important sports and public health issue.  Capilano Rehab Centre is honored to be hosting Clinical Instructor Jacquie van Ierssel’s critically acclaimed Concussion Management Courses.  She will be teaching two full-day Concussion Rehabilitation Courses to clinicians on September 20, 2014 and September 21, 2014!

At Capilano Rehab Centre, we pride ourselves in providing modern treatments and old-fashioned care to better treat our patients.  Our own senior staff clinical participation in Jacquie’s Concussion courses will allow Capilano to expand on our current Vestibular/Dizziness Program to include an evidence-based manual examination, diagnosis, and treatment of concussion and post-concussion patients.

We are eager to apply our clinical proficiencies along with new skills gained from the course to help you recovery from acute sport related concussions or to help manage your post-concussion syndrome.

About the Instructor

Jacquie van Ierssel has treated athletes at a recreational through to Olympic level as a physiotherapist for over 12 years.  During over a decade of clinical and on-field experience at the University of Toronto with the concussion clinic and research staff, Jacquie has treated a high volume of concussed athletes, with a focus on return to play. Her continuum of care includes coordinating neuro-psychological baseline testing, acute on-field assessment of injured athletes, management of acute and chronic symptoms, and return to play exercise progressions. She has been a clinical instructor at the University of Toronto, Department of Physical Therapy, and past chair of the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC), Ontario committee which she sat on for over 12years. Jacquie is currently a PhD student at the University of Ottawa, developing a Quality of Life outcome measure for patients with post-concussion syndrome.

The First Day Course:  Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome

The first full day course will focus on Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome.  Many concussion symptoms can persist beyond a normal recovery period of 3 months for many individuals.  These symptoms may include sleep disturbance, fatigue, mood or affective disorders, post-traumatic headache, impaired balance, and cognitive impairments.  The increasing awareness of the short and long term consequences of mild traumatic brain injury demand an evidence-based approach to multi-disciplinary treatment. This course will feature an introduction of the R2P SCORE™ tool to provide participants with an evidence-based algorithm to use in assessing functional impairments that may contribute to persistent post-concussion symptoms, and assigning clinically sound treatment priorities.

The Second Day Course:  Acute Management of Sport Related Concussion

The second full day course is crucial for any clinician working with athletes from a recreational through to an elite level of sport.   Lingering symptoms of concussion can have a devastating impact on athletes and students who may have failed to recognize the initial symptoms of a concussion and failed to understand the importance of physical and cognitive rest.  This course will provide a systematic approach to determining an athletes’ and students’ ability to return to play and return to the classroom, while stressing a safe return through monitored sport specific training.

How To Register

For more detailed information of both courses or to register visit  



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**The above information was provided from the course brochures “Concussion Rehabilitation: Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome”, and “Acute Management of Sport Related Concussion” created by Jacquie van Ierssel. 


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I am Capilano Rehab Centre’s Community Care Coordinator. I have been with Capilano Rehab for 9 years primarily as a Physio Assistant, but also as a Receptionist. I have a Physical Education Degree from the University of Alberta, which I will eventually use when my two young children are grown up. In the mean time I am enjoying helping people in the Community through my role as Community Care Coordinator and bringing awareness to how a Physiotherapist can help you get back to the activities you love the most!

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