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5 Great Christmas Ideas: A Capilano Gift Guide

| November 22, 2016 | Reply

Christmas gift ideas

With so many things to do before Santa comes, the pressure to come up with gift ideas and then go out shopping adds to an already stressful time of year. Capilano wants to help you!  Here are some fab Capilano gifts that you will be happy to give to that special person in your life this Christmas.

1).  Massage Therapy Gift Certificate:  Who does not love a massage?!  This is a great idea for someone who needs to take the time to slow down and do something nice for themselves, or for the active individual with sore muscles from that last insanity work out they did.  The therapeutic benefits are significant no matter what type of life style you lead.

2).  Sockwell Compression Stockings: These are great for individuals who spend their days on their feet.  Whether you work on a retail floor, in a mechanics shops, in a hospital, on a construction site, these are the socks for you!  They are made out of Merino wool so they are thermal regulated to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, they wick moisture away from your skin and they have graduated compression to help increase blood flow away from your tired feet so you don’t end up with swollen achy feet at the end of your work day.  Our staff has personally fallen in love with these socks for wear at work or for wear during activities like baseball, running or soccer.

3).  Mediflow Water Pillow: Want to sleep like a baby and not wake up with a sore neck the next day?  Well this is the pillow for you!  The Mediflow pillow was ranked the best pillow in a John Hopkins neck-Pain and Quality-of-sleep study!

4).  Cherry Tree Comfort Bags: Whether you have aches and pains that are soothed with a nice hot pack or you just want to curl up on a cold day with a hot pack and a book, these are the hot packs for you!  Cherry Tree comfort bags can be used hot or cold and come in a variety of fun colours! My personal fav is the Macro Bag for a sore back!

5).  Myofascial Release Ball: These are amazing.  They are roughly the size of a tennis ball so they travel well to work, in your car or for use at home.  If you are prone to muscle spasms, tension headaches, or tight muscles, this is the gift for you.  By gently applying pressure to the ball and rolling it over the sore body site it helps to break up those tight muscles.  For example, if you get cramping in your low back while you are driving through the mountains to Grandma’s house for Christmas, simply place this ball in that cramping spot and lean back in your seat against it.  The application of pressure will help with the spasm.

 At Capilano we have a variety of other home treatment and rehab options that will help you, or the one you love, with aches and pains.  Stop by Capilano and see how we can help fill your stocking this Christmas!

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I am Capilano Rehab Centre’s Community Care Coordinator. I have been with Capilano Rehab for 9 years primarily as a Physio Assistant, but also as a Receptionist. I have a Physical Education Degree from the University of Alberta, which I will eventually use when my two young children are grown up. In the mean time I am enjoying helping people in the Community through my role as Community Care Coordinator and bringing awareness to how a Physiotherapist can help you get back to the activities you love the most!

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